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About Papa's Place

Our Team

 Family Owned and Operated.  Owners are Ramon Perez III and  Melvin & Christina Gonzalez.  Brother and Sister, Ramon & Christina with husband, Melvin, have been a team for the last 28 years ever since Melvin became part of the family in 1989.  They have decided to bring that family love to the public and share it with you through their food.  With Christina being the main cook being the oldest, she got the best of both worlds when it came to food.  On Mom's side of the family she got the Italian flare and on her Father's side she was blessed with that authentic Spanish cuisine from Abuela's recipes straight from Puerto Rico. 


Our History

 Christina " Ever since I was a little girl, I could remember our Mom bringing us to my Grandma Mary's every Sunday for "family dinner" Sunday sauce <3 with the Italian music playing in the background while she cooked.   It was a time for all of the cousins, aunts uncles, etc to get together out of their busy week and share our love through food.  For both of my Grandmas, family was everything and they showed that through food.  My Father's mom lives in P.R. and I remember my visits as a young child and even an adult to this day staying right by her side when she cooked because her food is AMAZING!  I promised both of my Grandmas that I would keep that family tradition of getting together thru get togethers and food.  I have kept up that tradition and even have taught my husband, Mel, and brother, Ramon, to cook passing those family recipes from family to family and now we wish to share that with you! 


 Try our Cuban Sandwich or our "Jibarito"........but if you want a little taste of Puerto Rico then you  have to try our Pionones and Abuela's Pasteles! 

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